Squad Goals

One Team. One Mission. One Goal, CHAMPIONS.


Happy New Year! I started off the New Year with nothing, but a grateful heart. God has been so good! 2016 was a tough year, but I’m grateful I made it through.  

One thing I will forever be grateful for are the people that have been placed in my life. These people have been there for me, challenged me, encouraged me, and prayed for me. These people are my squad.

I don’t walk around calling them my squad, but in my heart I know they are. They are the people who aren’t afraid to tell me the truth IN LOVE. They are the people who challenge me do and want better. They are the people who refuse to see me settle for anything or anyone. They are the people who are brave enough to be transparent with me about their life experiences. They are the people who genuinely believe in me.

SQUAD GOAL: They celebrate your WIN, even while they’re still working towards their win.

I do not know much about football, but if you compare your squad to a football team, the greatest Head Coach you could ever have is God. He has the BEST track record!

He chooses the best players to be on your squad. Each player that He chooses brings something to your squad that will be used to help you fulfill your God given destiny.

He knows your opponent’s plays and will give you the strategy to defeat them. He will prepare, train and equip you to go out on that field and take what belongs to you!

I know this because I've lived this. The people God has placed in my life has been for a purpose. I love the way HE has my back! His love is so AMAZING!

It’s my prayer that you will trust God to keep those who belong in this season of your life and remove those who do not, knowing that all things will work together for your good. Wishing you a season filled with many wins. #SquadGoals


Your girl,